EH&S Mobile App

Mobile made easy for Android, Apple and Windows

Capture, store, share, report

Give everyone within your organization the power to identify risk with an easy-to-use mobile app. No training or registration is required. Hazards, near misses or incidents can be reported on the spot and regular audits or inspections can be performed on the go from any device.


Easy to use

The mobile app requires no training and mimics your Rivo platform so there are no confusing terms or unfamiliar form fields. SAML single-sign-on is available as well.

Available on any device

Regardless of your mobile policy — company devices or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — we have you covered. Our mobile app is available on Apple, Android and Windows devices as well as Windows computers.

Online or Offline

Whether your employees or contractors are online or offline, they can report incidents and perform audits on-the-go. Key data such as location, date and time are captured automatically and you can even add photo evidence. Your Windows computer users can use the app while offline too, then sync data back to the Rivo platform when an internet connection is available.

Have your finger on the pulse

The mobile app is designed to reduce barriers to reporting, promoting employee engagement and increasing reporting rates. Better visibility leads to informed actions so you can decrease risk and reduce incident rates.

See how you can use the app to empower your workforce to improve workplace safety across your organization

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