Five Benefits to Look for in Your EH&S Software

October 31, 2016

There are many reasons you might be looking for EH&S software; whether it’s trying to increase your visibility by encouraging employees to report incidents or looking for something that’s easy for everyone to use.  

Where do you start? How do you pick the most appropriate system for your organization?

On the face of it, all EH&S software purports to help improve the health and safety of a business and the environment inhabited by its employees. They’re all different, though, and picking the right one can be rather tricky. Unless you know what to look for, of course.

In this post, we’ve got 5 benefits to seek out in EH&S software:

  1. Portability

Gone are the days of expensive, cumbersome software that needs to be installed separately on every PC and only made accessible on designated machines. Modern EH&S applications are light on their feet and accessible across multiple devices from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones.

However, be wary of web applications that don’t offer native apps for platforms such as iOS and Android; for the best experience, shortlist EH&S software that is available in all mobile device app stores. If in doubt, a quick search on your smartphone or tablet should confirm their existence.

  1. User-centric design

The tasks associated with EH&S are often complex, analytical and statistics-based, but that doesn’t mean the software you use to run this vital part of the business should be unapproachable and difficult to get to grips with.

Enterprise-level software now comes in smaller and far more user-centric packages. When testing EH&S software, don’t approach the user documentation; see if you can get to grips with the basics on your own. If you can, and if you find the application a joy to use – you’re on the right track.

  1. Modular

Hunt down the EH&S software offerings that feature an end-to-end solution. This will usually come in the form of modules, all interconnectable but highly proficient in their own right.

Modular systems are scalable to grow with the business and often allow for user customization so you can pick the modules that are most useful for your business as it grows and be assured they work together without problems.

  1. Low cost of ownership

Clearly, you’re not going to find worthy EH&S software on Apple’s App Store for 79p. But in the new world of enterprise software, you no longer have to allocate significant chunks of a company budget to the procurement of such tools.

Look for a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) approach. SaaS applications can be considered rented rather than owned which brings the cost of ownership down and means the user benefits from regular updates within the monthly or annual fee.

  1. Early warning capability

Good EH&S software will enable employees to easily record all incidents, the data from which can be analyzed and quantified by management in order to control risk and keep employees safe from harm. A great EH&S application goes a step further by offering the ability to look into the future.

The EH&S software you choose should possess some form of early warning functionality that allows EH&S managers to spot signs of weakness within the organization’s health and safety regime and act before things go wrong. This can reduce the response time to incidents, limit the time lost to injuries and ensures that every corner of a business is monitored – not just the high-risk areas.


We hope the above helps in your search for the perfect EH&S application. The right software for your business is out there and, as noted previously, if in any system you find wavers on just one of the five important benefits listed in this post, move on to the next.

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