The Rivo Partner Ecosystem

Rivo is the risk hub for your company. Connecting devices, people and applications to drive a joined up risk management culture. The same connected philosophy drives our business as well as our product. We don’t pretend to be experts at everything. Instead we partner with the best to make sure you maximize your Rivo experience.

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Referral Partner Program

We give you access to resources such as brochures and datasheets. You can quickly realize significant margin increases in your business by becoming a Rivo Referral Partner. You don’t need to commit any revenue, or administration costs. Simply refer your leads to us and if that lead becomes a customer you will be paid a commission based on the first year service fee. It’s that straightforward!

Strategic Partner Program

Rivo Strategic Channel Partners are involved in referrals and reselling or also providing consultancy, procurement services, shared support, system integrations and specialized deliverables to enhance both the procurement and delivery of your Rivo solution. Strategic Channel Partners range from large consultancies to specialist integrators.

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Extended Content Solutions (ECS) are leading information management specialists with vast experience in the enterprise software market, including Oracle, Google, EMC and Microsoft. ECS and Rivo‘s partnership offers existing and prospective new customers a best-of-breed engagement; ECS bring their enterprise software implementation approach to Rivo implementations across Europe.

CSC are a trusted business partner. As a leading provider of next generation technology solutions and services for blue chip clients across all major industry sectors globally, CSC can work closely with Rivo on selected implementations to ensure mitigation of risk across complex operations.

The American Qatari International Trade Company (AQITC) is your partner of choice if you are a Middle East business looking to source global best of breed technologies and products or if you are an innovative supplier looking to do business in the region. AQITC enhances Rivo’s existing exposure in the Middle East with crucial local knowledge and value-added services.

Silbury IT Solutions is a specialist provider and implementer of IT solutions headquartered in Germany. They build and implement custom applications for a range of industry sectors across Germany and Northern Europe and are a key strategic partner of Rivo within that region.

Onior is a unique provider of custom-specific solutions, working with their clients to ensure maximum success. Combining best-in-class technologies with their commitment to client satisfaction and 24/7 support, Onior is one of Rivo’s premier European partners, providing support for our clients and future clients across the region.

X-Spatial understand the business value of your data and the business processes you need to support. They have worked with airport operators and owners to develop software solutions for large, complex infrastructures. X-Spatial’s solutions are built on open standards and open database access to make sure they work easily with any systems you already have in place.

Technology Alliances

We work with world leaders who can provide allied technology solutions that integrated into Rivo will enhance your Rivo service and help you get even better visibility and control of your risk.

Rivo is your risk hub. Based on a highly scalable, organized and efficient architecture that is primed for device integration. This means you can use Rivo to manage risk harnessing the power of the Internet of Things. Whatever the device, if it makes sense to integrate it into Rivo to improve your risk management, we have a standardized API library to allow you to do just that.

Technology partners don’t purely provide device and IoT solutions, they might provide highly specialized solutions that can integrate into Rivo for niche domain specific solutions – for example geo-mapping tools for airports.

Inosat’s intelligent in-vehicle telematics technology collects data from driver behavior such as breaking rates for safety management, fuel usage & efficiency, fuel cap opening exceptions for security and usage and vehicle tracking including zone perimeter monitoring. When integrated into Rivo powerful workflow and notifications can drive an end-to-end incident and exception management system, culminating in the ability to view risk and risk trends via Rivo Analytics.

AppsCare, part of Netpremacy Global Services, is a Google for Work Premier Partner, specializing in the design and deployment of Google cloud services including Google Maps for Work, Google Apps for Work, Google Cloud Platform and much more. With over 3000 customers in more than 30 countries, AppsCare are proud to be recognized as one of the leading Google for Work partners in the UK, working with customers such as Travelodge, Odeon, Just Eat and Rivo. AppsCare ensures that as Rivo continues to integrate more Google capability, the development teams from Google, AppsCare and Rivo work together as one.

Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) is the global leader in hybrid cloud and founder of OpenStack®, the open-source operating system for the cloud. Rackspace operates on four continents. They also manage our global cloud infrastructure and security.

Software testing used to be complex and painful even for the experts. Not anymore. TestPlant’s revolutionary set of eggPlant tools mean that we can assure the highest levels of functional and performance testing across the Rivo platform. Our partnership also means we can provide third-party validation of Rivo quality assurance to any of our customers on demand.

Security is critical. Nettitude are a global leader in the delivery of Cyber Security Testing, Risk Management, Compliance and Incident Response services. Nettitude ensure we are fully tested and secure so we can focus on providing the service our customers expect.

Content Expertise

Content and domain expertise is incredibly important for maintaining compliance. From specialist regulatory, localized and niche audit protocols to continually updated regulatory feeds, to deep domain expertise to help you understand the most complex of compliance requirements such as EPA Permit V. Rivo works with a range of careful selected market leaders to ensure you maximize the Rivo experience.

Sage provides a broad range of specialty environmental services for facilities that need to maximize operational flexibility and stay within EPA regulations. They understand that compliance is often complex and expensive but that working with the right partner can turn even the most challenging job into a manageable project.

Enhesa is a global environmental, health and safety consultancy, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to industry worldwide. Based in Brussels and Washington, DC, they have a network of consultants covering almost every corner of the globe. Enhesa is a dynamic, highly trained and experienced, team of multilingual consultants with in-depth knowledge of regulatory and policy issues at global, regional, national and local levels. Enhesa provides an enormous array of compliance content including regulatory feeds and legislative requirements that can be offered and integrated directly to your employees anywhere in the world through your online Rivo application.

Specialty Technical Publishers are premier providers of audit and compliance solutions for a broad range of industry sectors. STP’s comprehensive collection of practical audit and compliance solution guides provide accurate interpretation and application of regulatory requirements that facilitate better understanding, improved reporting, and satisfactory audit outcomes. Specialty Technical Publishers range of legal, environmental, health and safety, accounting and corporate governance solutions assist professionals in their work. Audit protocols, guides and specialist publications across environmental, safety and corporate governance can be offered as a seamless solution through your Rivo application allowing you to be more efficient at being compliant and spend more time doing what you want to be doing.