Rivo Software is excited to announce its acquisition by Sphera Solutions

Advancing operational excellence through integrated risk management

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"With Rivo we reduced incidents by 50% at Thames Water"

- Keith Taylor, Health and Safety Systems Manager, Thames Water


About Rivo

Rivo is used by hundreds of companies all around the world to manage corporate environment, health and safety, operational risk, corporate governance and compliance every day.

Rivo is an online cloud software platform that allows you to manage risk and compliance, from incidents to audits and inspections, corrective actions, document and policies, through to corporate risk and compliance management. Using a combination of content, workflows and escalation engines that can be customized to your organizational processes, applied to each Rivo application, you can deploy Rivo to any user in your company or third party contractor and supply chain network.

Rivo is a highly secure, cloud-hosted solution, so you don’t need to worry about infrastructure. Deployed to users through their web browser or native apps that are downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play providing that often essential incident and near miss reporting, audit and inspection capability and action assignment capability in offline mode where internet signal can be a problem.

Real time dashboards and analytics both out of the box and build-your-own drive powerful decision making from the data you have collected across your operations giving you visibility and control of your risk.

Deployed in over 45 languages to over 500,000 users in six continents Rivo has been recognized by Gartner and other analysts as one of the fore leaders in environmental, health, safety and risk management.


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About Sphera

Sphera is the largest global provider of Operational Excellence software and information services with a focus on Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), Operational Risk and Product Stewardship. After acquiring Rivo, we will continue to support their customers with the best in safety software.


"Throughout the rest of the business, it has encouraged employees to take more responsibility for Health & Safety at their individual levels, assisting them in prioritising and managing required actions. The system has exceeded our expectations, as proven by a recent evaluation which gave 100% satisfaction score."

Louise Biggs, HR Director, Stone Hardy

"Everything now is in one place so we don’t have to hunt down the information from various different sources – it is all held centrally giving us clear visibility and control. The reporting function enables us to identify patterns and trends so that company-wide measures can be put in place to prevent reoccurrences."

Glenn Davies, Head of Health & Safety, Veolia

"We chose Rivo because we were getting a good management platform and a strong company with the right structure and right values. The cost of change for moving from one platform to another is really huge – training, data to be migrated, processes that need to be implemented. We needed to establish a long-term partnership with Rivo – not just a solution for a temporary problem."

Joao Silva, Head of Corporate Environment, Sonae Sierra

"We now have an improved method of identifying the risk areas and security gaps within the business and it has reduced the risk of loss across the group, allowing us to focus resources appropriately to prevent reoccurrences."

Garry Spicer, Head of Profit Protection, Wincanton

"I did a lot of research on the market and found myself looking at the Rivo system. I must say that it was the best choice. The Rivo team have worked with me for approximately two months to modify the system to meet my exact requirements. I now have a system designed to fit with my organization and it is exactly what I needed. You can’t go wrong with Rivo."

PJ Blignault, Group HSE Manager, WAFI Group

"We have to intelligently use the information and knowledge we have to manage our potential risks and our challenging targets and safety standards. As we scale our global operations we need a solution that can manage that risk and scale with us without us being concerned about infrastructure or usability. Rivo does this for us…across our global operations."

Michael Sinclair Williams, Group Director of Health, Safety & Environmental, Keller

"We were looking to make a step change in our H&S performance, practice and culture. I knew that a technology solution would be a key enabler in achieving this goal, and Rivo stood out as being best-in-class for functionality, flexibility, user experience, and ease of implementation. Our ongoing partnership with Rivo helps to drive forward our risk management and compliance agenda, and their platform has become an indispensable business tool that really is delivering against our investment case in the real-world."

Alex Hodson, Group Head of Health & Safety, Connect Group

"Rivo is an effective tool that helps us to comply with an ever increasing number of Health & Safety regulations. Easy to install and simple to use, it helps me achieve Health & Safety compliance and protect our employees’ safety at work. It has been tailored to meet our specific needs and we are very pleased with the results."

Helen Moore, Safety & Environmental Manager, TruckEast